10 Things

You May Not Know About Tamcat

  1. She has three names! Her southern-originating family provided each family member with a "professional" name (Glenda), a for-family-only name (Tammy), and a middle name (Maria).

  2. Tamcat is another very special name her dad gave her when she was little.

  3. She has four sisters (three older, and one younger) that she has a LOT of fun with!

  4. She loves jumping rope, especially double Dutch.

  5. She loves to sing and dance, especially African dance.

  6. Writing is one of her favorite things to do because she can express her feelings by writing them down.

  7. She has long, thick, black hair that her mom styles into two Afro puffs.

  8. She has a gap in her front teeth just like her dad!!

  9. At first, she was sad about attending a new school, She didn't feel very welcome and that rejection hurt her feelings a lot.

  10. She learned to love herself and overcome bullying by focusing on the things she loves to do, getting support from her family, and building a circle of mentors.